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What is a Search Fund?

Numaris Capital builds on the proven success of the Search Fund model, a financial vehicle created by individuals who raise money from a group of advising investors to support their efforts to locate, acquire, and partner with a privately held company over the medium to long term.

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Phases of a Search Fund
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The Search Fund model follows a well studied life cycle that consists of 4 phases.

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Search for a company

The main objective of this stage is to screen and evaluate potential industries and candidates that meet certain requirements. 

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When contact is made with a prospect, the acquisition procedure starts, followed by a negotiation with the seller in order to establish an offer.

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Operation and value creation

When the acquisition is done, the fund team and the entrepreneur work together towards a common objective and achieve value creation.

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Exit strategy phase

Liquidity events for investors and principals can occur in a number of ways.

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Why partner with Numaris Capital?
  • Long term outlook and full-time dedication to the company's operation

  • Reliable team with a wide set of skills and outlooks

  • Customized transition plan

  • Solid advisory and governance structure

  • Backed by experienced investors with ample experience

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- What you need to know about the investment model.

"The massive upside for search funds is the opportunity to identify real potential, lead a business towards your vision, and in the process, create tangible value... "


- Search Fund Study 2018.

"From 1987 to 2017, $924 million of equity capital has been invested into search funds... A record number of search fund acquisitions were completed in 2017... It is likely that the next several years will continue to see an increase in activity..."